Bluenio’s Nio Card Transfers Bitcoins Using NFC

bitvestment partners nioEver since the Coin Card was announced in early November, it was only a matter of time before someone came along and linked Smart Card and Bitcoin technologies.

Now, Bluenio promises to do just that with their latest creation, the Nio Card. As the Kickstarter video explains, all you’ll have to do is tap your card against an NFC (near field communication)-enabled smartphone and voila, Bitcoins are sent and received! For security, transactions can only be made when your card is connected to your phone over Bluetooth, and both devices are equipped with an alarm in case they are taken out of range of each other (using the technology of Bluenio’s previous product, the Nio Tag).

The 4mm-thick anodized metal card comes with 2GB of storage space, as well as sensors for motion, acceleration, and temperature, and the associated software keeps your bank details and passwords secure while making them on hand for your convenient use. What’s more, early Kickstarter backers receive a development kit, ensuring plenty more apps to come in the future. Bluenio expects to launch the Nio Card in March of next year, at a price of $65.

This device is just one example of the whole world of technology the birth of the Bitcoin has made possible. At Bitvestment Partners, we applaud Bluenio for their ingenuity and look forward to seeing what they come up with next.